We sell batteries for all types of vehicle.
Our batteries come with a full 2 year guarantee.
Car, Motorcycle and Van batteries are all available, many from stock.
We carry various makes of batteries and those we do not carry we can obtain within 1 hour normally from a local supplier. Any price we quote on a battery includes the VAT , a full 2 year guarantee and fitting at our premises.

Battery Care

Battery Care is an important issue.
All our batteries are classed as low maintenance.
Cable connections need to be cleaned and tightened as battery problems are often caused by dirty and loose connections. The build up of corrosion can also cause a charging fault which will not be covered under any guarantee. A low maintenance battery needs to have the fluid level checked. Use only mineral free water, Distilled is best as all impurities have been removed, and there is nothing left that could contaminate your cells.
Do NOT overfill battery cells because the natural fluid expansion in hot weather can push excess electrolytes from the battery.

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